Generalized Functions: v. 4 (Applications of Harmonic Analysis)

By None

Computational Fluid Dynamics: 1

By Klaus A. Hoffmann

Algebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis

By Raphael Salem

Calculus and analytic geometry (Addison-Wesley series in mathematics)

By George B Thomas

Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry: 2

By Michael Spivak

Optimization Over Integer

By Robert Weismantel Dimitris Bertsimas

Humble Pi: The Role Mathematics Should Play in American Education

By Michael K. Smith

Uncertainty, Calibration and Probability

By C.F. Dietrich

Finite Fields. Structure and Arithmetics

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Solved and Unsolved Problems in Number Theory

By Daniel Shanks

Iterated Maps on the Interval as Dynamical Systems (Modern Birkhäuser Classics)

By Pierre Collet

Introduction to Modal Logic

By George Edward Hughes

Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar

By Mitsumasa Anno

Geometry and the Imagination

By David Hilbert

Fair Game: How to Play Impartial Combinatorial Games (Exploration in Math Series)

By Richard Guy

Calculus: Analytical Geometry and Calculus with Vectors

By R.P. Agnew

Problems in Plane Geometry

By I. F. Sharygin

Grundlagen der Mathematik in geschichtlicher Entwicklung

By Oskar Becker

Mathematics Sampler: Topics for the Liberal Arts

By William P. Berlinghoff

Mathematical Sciences: A Collection of Essays

By None